Piwiwiwi Values

PiwiWiwi Surf Campervans NZ Values

We’ve been asked a few times why we’re in business and what our values are. We usually come up with a loose collection of words and a lot of ‘umm’s and ‘ahh’s. After being convinced that it’s very worthwhile knowing clearly what we value, we’ve come up with this description of our values:


Our number 1 value is Trust. We want you to Trust that we will deliver what we promise to deliver. We want to make your experience with PiwiWiwi easy and enjoyable. To gain and maintain your Trust we will be Competent. We will be Knowledgeable. We will be Helpful. We will provide high Quality and Good Value services.


A close second in our list of values comes Conscience. Everything we do as a business has to be something we personally believe in and are happy to do. We at PiwiWiwi have a Conscience and we try to keep it as clear as possible. It means conducting our business Ethically. It means conducting our business with Integrity. It means doing our best to be as Environmentally Friendly as we can, minimising our impact on the planet and maximising what we do with the resources we use.

Fun, Friendly & Flexible

If you don’t enjoy your job, you’re doing the wrong job! We have Fun whilst we run PiwiWiwi and we want to pass this Enthusiasm for New Zealand surf and roadtrips to others. We love Meeting People and strive to be as Friendly and Helpful as we can, so they have Fun too. We are Flexible with the way we work, allowing you to have as much Fun and Freedom as possible.


To live and operate true to our values we need to be Innovative. We are always looking for better, more efficient, more sustainable ways of operating. We are constantly trying new things. We are very open to special requests, suggestions for improvement or constructive criticism. We thrive on Challenging ourselves and Challenging other people’s perceptions of the New Zealand campervan market.

Those are PiwiWiwi’s values. They are important to us and they guide the operation of our company. We hope they strike a chord with you. We welcome your feedback, please get in touch if you have any!

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