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Surfline’s New Zealand Photo Article

Surfline is America’s (and so probably the world’s) biggest swell-check website. Like most Surf-check websites it does far more than this. It has merchandise, advertising and of course some useful content too! ‘Surfline Travel’ has lots of great articles and photos about getting out and seeing the rest of the […]


NZ Travel Guide: Surfing Mini Documentary

This is almost fits into the category ‘NZ travel guide’. I think calling it a ‘mini documentary’ is a bit optimistic, but it gives a mellow feel for the waves & coasts here so watch away: NZ Travel Guide: Surfing Mini Documentary The other videos from ‘Pure New Zealand’ offer […]


Back roads to Waitomo

[singlepic id=146 w=200 float=right] With a busy summer just around the corner, PiwiWiwi decided to take a break from the office and head off on a mini road trip. We’d heard about the back roads route to Waitomo from the staff at the Raglan iSite, and decided to check it […]

Cook Strait Ferry options North to South Island

To cross from New Zealand’s North Island to its South Island (or visa-versa) you need to get a ferry across the Cook Strait. This is one of the most beautiful ferry journeys anywhere on earth so think of it as a cruise not just transport! There are two companies that […]