Swiss Cheese Challenge

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Error! New Zealand Surf Campervans not found.

After a bit of an update to this website I enlisted my beta-testers to check all was well. Not long afterwards Mum, umm, the testers responded with several important and embarrassing errors. I think they were not a result of the changes and so must have been online for a while. Nobody told us, they probably just shrugged their shoulders, lowered their opinions of PiwiWiwi Surf Campervans a bit and moved on. To try and convert this apathy into action I present the:

Swiss Cheese Challenge

Swiss Cheese
Find holes, win Cheese

We don’t want a website holier than Swiss Cheese. If you find a broken link we’ll get you NZ$5 worth of Swiss Cheese. Of course there are conditions: 1/ You have to report the error to us accurately enough for us to trace it. 2/ One cheese award per error. You need to be the first to report it. 3/ Fair use and common sense policy applies. If, for example our website gets hacked by cyber-terrorist mice in search of a feast and every page returns an error then no cheese for anyone!

You know the rules, now go hunt the holes!

Good luck, Niall

One thought on “Swiss Cheese Challenge”

  1. Felix, step forwards and claim your Swiss Cheese for finding a flaw!
    Are there any more holes in here? If so, let me know please 🙂

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