Days 91 – 96 of 97 – It’s Raglan Baby!!!!!

We have made it all the way round both Islands now, almost every town and village driven through. Time to relax in Raglan for our last few days. The Sun has been hot, unfortunately I got injured so could not surf for more than 1 day, GUTTED!

But Raglan is still a cool town to chill out in, loads to see like Te Toto Gorge and Bridal Veil Falls. Cafés in town are all pretty good and not overpriced.

We did rent out some electric bikes from “SolarCycle” – see photo below – These bikes are awesome, they get you around any good surfaced road with ease. The Big hill up to Manu Bay – didn’t even feel it! Best recommendation for time in Raglan away from the Surf.

Solar Cycles - Top of Raglan
Solar Cycles – Top of Raglan


Being Raglan this is where the PiwiWiwi’s all come home so couldn’t miss this photo:

PiwiWiwi's Coming Home
PiwiWiwi’s Coming Home



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