About Us

About Us

Piwiwiwi is solely owned and operated by Nick & Julie O’Connell and our two children Holly (3-1/2 years old and incharge of pretty much everything) & William (1 year old & currently in charge of making sure every cupboard can open and close 🙂

The business is a true family run business operated from our small slice of rural N.Z just 25 minutes from Christchurch airport on the fringe of Rangiora.

We have a real passion for making sure all our guests feel very welcome and we love to be able to go just that little bit further to make what is most peoples “trip of a life time” the best experience possible!

We are both pretty typical Kiwi’s , we love the outdoors and the water. We love holidays away camping in our beautiful country and sharing that with our children now too.

Nick is a big car guy and loves American car culture and has built and restored a number of American muscle cars over the years. He is the main contact for the company and handles all customer contact and operations for the business. In a previous life Nick was in Management for customer service and sales in the engineering & transport industry.

Julie loves getting out on the water on Jet Ski when ever possible and getting down to our fav spot Lake Tekapo with the family but of late has been pretty busy being proud Mum to our two children. Julie runs all the business accounts and makes sure everything is kept in check.
In a previous life Julie was the office manager for a vehicle finance company.

We really love introducing our guests to the whole family & Nick is normally always accompanied by Holly when greeting and transferring guests from the airport to our home base.

Why are we called Piwiwiwi

In 2009 Anna (Pommy- Kiwi slang for English person) and Niall (Welsh ) came to N.Z on a world trip after getting fed up with living and working in the U.K and after campervanning around N.Z they decided to call N.Z home and set up a unique little campervan business that specialised in catering for the surfing community and they wanted to do it pretty darn well and they did!

So when an English girl-(a Piwi) and a Welsh man -(Wiwi ), set up a business it made perfect sense to call it Piwiwiwi.

Why we run Piwiwiwi

Well it’s pretty simple really , we both really wanted a lifestyle change , we wanted to work from home and we wanted to spend more time with our children.

So when we saw Anna & Niall advertise Piwiwiwi for sale it was a perfect fit!

We had already had experience in the rental industry with our other small business hiring retro caravans to local clientel and with Nicks passion for customer service and the already awesome reputation the business already had it was perfect, and the deal was done !

We wanted to continue on doing a darn good job of running Piwiwiwi and we’re pretty confident we have 😁

Special - Auckland to Christchurch anytime from the 7th July onwards

Special discounted rate + refund for Ferry crossing tickets and the use of two mountain bikes for the trip!!

One off special only - be in quick!!

Contact us or call us on 0800 749494 for more information.