Surf and Spring in Raglan

[singlepic id=236 w=500 float=left]   The winter has been keeping us indoors and sometimes out of the surf too with shorter, colder days. Yesterday gave us a taste of what’s to come. We had a beautiful sunny day here in Raglan. Sunny Day We were down at Manu Bay filming […]


River Surfing in China

This looks crazy! Try not to drink the water…

50th customer

Piwiwiwi have had a very busy first summer. We’ve gone from having no practical experience of running a rental company to our 50th customer & so far they’re all happy ones too. We think we’ll have a little celebration! 50th Customer [singlepic id=177 w=250 float=left] Our 50th are a couple […]


NZ Travel Guide: Surfing Mini Documentary

This is almost fits into the category ‘NZ travel guide’. I think calling it a ‘mini documentary’ is a bit optimistic, but it gives a mellow feel for the waves & coasts here so watch away: NZ Travel Guide: Surfing Mini Documentary The other videos from ‘Pure New Zealand’ offer […]