50th customer

Piwiwiwi have had a very busy first summer. We’ve gone from having no practical experience of running a rental company to our 50th customer & so far they’re all happy ones too. We think we’ll have a little celebration!

50th Customer

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Our 50th are a couple who are almost exactly who we designed our vans for. Surfers (one committed, one learning) coming to see New Zealand’s awesome offerings – be that mountain, beach, national park or surfbreak. As well as the van, they’ve taken a couple of our rental boards. With these all stored away safe n sound with the PiwiWiwi system they’re all set up to go explore. We can’t wait to see them at the end of it to hear their stories & see their photos. We’re going to have to be patient – they’re not back until almost June!

Holiday Snaps

To keep us sated we got to see some great shots from an Italian couple whose fine two months in a PiwiWiwi surfcamper has just come to an end. Enjoy these & check andreadipietro.com for more.
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Camper Car

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As well as all this, we’ve been asked for a camper car. So its time to get to work: Progress will be updated as it happens but I’m hoping to do a ‘work’ trip to evaluate it very shortly. Mahia? Shipwrecks? Gisborne? Who knows yet? I’ll follow the swell, that’s the beauty of being here with your own accommodation & transport all in one PiwiWiwi package. It will be a suitable reward for hitting 50 customers.
Wherever I go, I’ll struggle to match what I’ve just surfed this morning on my trusty bonzer. Bought from creator of the Bonzer, Malcolm Campbell in Oxnard California. Which, oddly enough, is where our lucky 50th customers hail from.

Happy 50th 🙂

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