Other Spellings 2

For some reason the original of this post isn’t working. So here it is again. Sorry for the duplication…

We realise that our name can be hard to say & spell

so here we’ve put in a few common ones just so Google doesn’t miss us!  Please comment on this post with your own ideas if you think we’ve missed some:


piwikiwi, kiwikiwi, kiwiwiwi, kiwipiwi, wiwikiwi, piwikiwi, kiwikiwi, kiwiwiwi, kiwipiwi, wiwikiwi, bigmac, pewewewe, pewekewe, peeweeweewee, peeweekeewee, keeweekeewee, piwiwifi,piwi kiwi, kiwi kiwi, kiwi wiwi, kiwi piwi, wiwi kiwi, piwi kiwi, kiwi kiwi, kiwi wiwi, kiwi piwi, wiwi kiwi, big mac, pewe wewe, pewe kewe, peewee weewee, peewee keewee, keewee keewee, piwi wifi

Of course the correct way to spell it is:



Campervan rentals for Surf adventures – making surf travellers happy campers!

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