PiwiWiwi Car Rentals

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We were going to

do a quick article saying that we now had cars to rent out.

We were going to tell you

that they are 5 seater wagons so you can take friends & lots of gear or a friend & a superfluity of gear.

We were going to tell you

that with their efficient engine & manual transmission they’d give great fuel consumption leaving you with more money for your holiday.

We were even going to tell you

that like our vans they have USB charging points & a quality stereo with aux-in so you can have your sounds, camera, phone, iPad, whatever else you travel with plugged in & cooking & don’t have to constantly plug in wherever you stop.

We were going to tell you

all this & then hope you came banging on our door asking to rent one.

But there’s no need.

Its all true but without us letting anyone know we’ve already rented the first car out.
PiwiWiwi – Campervans for Surf adventures – now does cars for surf trips, camping trips, weekend trips, shopping trips, fishing trips, city trips, in fact road trips of any flavour.

Get one while you can – demand is high!

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