Piwiwiwi Campervans Winners of Supreme Award

Niall and Anna of PiwiWiwi Surf Campervan Rentals

PiwiWiwi, the Raglan-based campervan rental company, has this week gained high acclaim. The tiny company has won two major awards: ‘Best Campervan Rental Company in NZ’ and ‘Supreme Winner’ for the transport category in the Rankers Awards. The awards are based on independent reviews, and PiwiWiwi beat opposition from all the big guys in New Zealand to take these prestigious accolades.


PiwiWiwi, run by Anna Cunningham & Niall Darwin, has been operating for just over 2 years. “We treat our customers the way that we like to be treated – as real people, not just numbers on a spreadsheet” says Anna. “It’s very flattering to read that people who travel with us like what we’re doing, and want to tell others about their experience.”


The independent travel review website Rankers.co.nz presents these awards annually. They go to experiences and operators which have displayed a consistently high ranking score throughout the year. Take a look at PiwiWiwi’s page on Rankers, it’s clear to see why they have won the award. Reviews from past customers are glowing.


Cymen Crick, one of co-owners of Rankers, says “We meet travellers person to person, as they explore NZ and ask them about their experiences here. All tourism companies for each category are eligible. No-one pays to participate, everyone is in. Some of this year’s winners hadn’t even heard of Rankers”.


Nick Morrison, the other half of Rankers says “These awards cut through the bulls**t and bring us back to old-fashioned values of hosting, looking after people and celebrating the individual.”


Anna & Niall claim that this award won’t go to their heads. “We’ll continue to provide good quality vehicles and great customer service, it’s business as usual.” says Anna.  They celebrated in style with lunch out at Raglan’s ‘The Shack’ café, and it’s now back to the glamorous job of cleaning vans and preparing for a busy summer ahead.



Niall and Anna of PiwiWiwi Surf Campervan Rentals
Niall and Anna of PiwiWiwi Surf Campervan Rentals


For more information, get in touch.

Anna Cunningham & Niall Darwin




A full list of the 2013 winners is available here


Press release from Rankers about these awards is available here –

2 thoughts on “Piwiwiwi Campervans Winners of Supreme Award”

  1. You don’t know me but I am a friend and ex work colleague of your Mum’s, Niall. We lunch from time to time.

    Really pleased to hear of your successes.

    Congratulations to you and Anna

    1. Hi Gail, I know of you but you’re right I don’t know you. Thanks for the congratulations all the same! Niall 🙂

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