Surf Movie Music Maker Musing

We’ve made a little surf movie featuring a PiwiWiwi Surf Campervan, a shortboard, longboard and of course some surfing! We’ve put a soundtrack on it. Well actually, we’ve put two soundtracks. Niall likes the noisy electronic one, Anna likes the more chilled out song. Which do you prefer?

EDM version, music by Xilent

This soundtrack comes from an awesome album by BT called ‘Laptop Symphony’. Its full of up-to-the-minute electronic dance music (EDM) that Niall loves. Of course, re-reading this in 2015 it will simply be some awesome old music.

Chilled version, music by Lemon Jelly

The music here is Lemon Jelly’s classic ‘Nice Weather for Ducks’ which was considered up-to-the-minute when it came out back in 2002. Its a fine and silly album, well worth checking out.

Make Your Own Surf Movie

The Go Pro Hero 2 HD and all other equipment featured in & used to make this movie (except the stills camera) is available to rent from us here at PiwiWiwi Surf Campers in Raglan.
The other equipment includes our ‘magic banana’ longboard. This is a 9’0″ by Herbie Fletcher and is made from ‘flexlite’. It weighs next to nothing and while not quite as good as a Raglan Longboards Mal is pretty cool.
The board I’m surfing is an EPS epoxy Webber Afterburner. Its 6’4″ x 19 1/2″ x 2 1/2″, a thruster and I get on with it very well. It paddles nicely and once on the wave cuts, carves and drives just like it should!

Have Your Say

So which do you like and why? Or what would you prefer if neither floats your boat? Let us know please 🙂

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