Smorgasboarder Surf Magazine Visits PiwiWiwi

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Having shared a last surf with a couple of happy customers, Ewan & Mairi (check their blog here, its pretty cool), I was chilling out waiting for them to turn up from the beach before taking them back to Auckland. Instead three Aussies turned up & introduced themselves as the crew behind ‘Smorgasboarder Magazine’.


[singlepic id=183 w=175 float=right]Smorgasboarder magazine is a free Australian surf magazine. Despite being free, its far more than a collection of adverts. They have great articles about real people & grass-roots surf culture. They got in touch a while back saying they were planning an ‘All Black’ edition & naturally we were stoked that they were interested in talking to us!

Surprise Interview

We weren’t expecting them out of the blue but I think we gave a reasonable account of ourselves. I’m not sure the pictures will look so flattering, check their website in a month or two to find out!

Thought for the Day

They were great people to chat with, telling us tall tales about injuries in the line of duty & of meeting legends such as shaper Geoff McCoy. They had a great outlook too. Regardless of the success or otherwise of their magazine they were thoroughly enjoying meeting interesting, motivated and happy people. That sums us up too. Good people, good times 🙂

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