PiwiWiwi goes Hybrid – We have a Prius

Hopefully you’ll have picked up on the fact that we are trying to be as environment-friendly as possible here at PiwiWiwi. Most rentals companies don’t care about the fuel consumption of their vehicles: ‘The customer only chooses by the price of the rental, why should I care?’, is their advice […]


Win a 4 day PiwiWiwi Holiday & help the Coastguard at Raglan Kopua’s Charity Auction

As surfers we all know that ‘What If?’ feeling in the back of our minds. ‘What if I get caught in a rip?’, ‘What if my legrope breaks?’, ‘What if I’ve just bitten off more than I can chew?’. The Coastguard is one of those charities that exist to help […]


Other Spellings 2

For some reason the original of this post isn’t working. So here it is again. Sorry for the duplication… We realise that our name can be hard to say & spell so here we’ve put in a few common ones just so Google doesn’t miss us!  Please comment on this […]


A Quiet Thursday Night in Raglan

A quiet Thursday night in Raglan. I’m out on my bike enjoying the beautiful sunset after a surf at the beach. Fiery orange over Mount Karioi. Subtle purples, pinks and peaches over the inner harbour. The moon’s reflection on the near-full tide being broken as small fish leap escaping bigger […]


Cook Strait Ferry options North to South Island

To cross from New Zealand’s North Island to its South Island (or visa-versa) you need to get a ferry across the Cook Strait. This is one of the most beautiful ferry journeys anywhere on earth so think of it as a cruise not just transport! There are two companies that […]


Mount Maunganui Stopover

The PiwiWiwi crew had a couple of reasons to head over to Mount Maunganui: Niall had promised more help with the ‘Rena’ oilspill cleanup; we had a car to collect and Anna hadn’t left Raglan for a week or so & needed a break. We’d heard a lot about ‘The […]


PiwiWiwi Car Rentals

[singlepic id=118] We were going to do a quick article saying that we now had cars to rent out. We were going to tell you that they are 5 seater wagons so you can take friends & lots of gear or a friend & a superfluity of gear. We were […]


Campgrounds in Raglan

We’ve been asked a couple of times where’s good to camp in Raglan. To save re-typing it, here’s a summary: There’s four campgrounds in Raglan. They are: [singlepic id=116 w=150] Raglan Kopua Holiday Park. This is near town & family oriented. Facilities are clean and well maintained. Just behind it, […]


Enough Boards?

Here’s a daft picture we found ‘out there’: [singlepic id=114 w=500 float=center] It was at the end of a useful (German) article on airline fees for surfers.


Reduce Reuse Recycle In Action

I’m sure most of you know the phrase ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ (Do you fully understand it? Wikipedia doesn’t seem too confident!). Our town, Raglan, is renowned for living with this as a core value thanks to Xtreme waste amongst others. Us at PiwiWiwi try to live in this way too. […]

Special - Auckland to Christchurch anytime from the 7th July onwards

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