Day 29 of 97 – Paturau River (North West South Island)


Paturau River
Paturau River

Ok, so this campsite is completely in the middle of nowhere but totally awesome. Its on the Rankers Website, Free, owned by a local farmer, right next to the mouth of the Paturau River.

Its the Tasman Sea on the left side of the photo, Ok for surfing, just don’t hope for much if it’s a strong onshore wind (which apparently happens a lot). All the locals (all 20 of them) use the river to fish in. Not sure what it was but a guy pulled out a very big fish which went home for dinner for the whole family.

No toilets or water here, so must take your own. If your happy to do that Definitely recommend. It’s only a 35-40 km drive off the main road down a gravel track but that’s easy to do. Stay for a few days and relax with know one to bother you.





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