Days 91 – 96 of 97 – It’s Raglan Baby!!!!!

We have made it all the way round both Islands now, almost every town and village driven through. Time to relax in Raglan for our last few days. The Sun has been hot, unfortunately I got injured so could not surf for more than 1 day, GUTTED! But Raglan is […]


Days 86 – 90 of 97 – Rotorua and Pounamu Carving

Rotorua…. Again. We really like this place, chilled out, good walks, biking etc. Stayed at the same DOC as last time round for 3 nights (Pictured above). This time round we where doing a bit of shopping for people at home.¬†We went into another “Jade” shop (loads around NZ) got […]


Day 82 – 84 of 97 – Mt DOOM! & Taupo

So we based are selves in Taupo for a few days hoping the weather would clear up to do the Tongonariro Alpine Crossing and Summit of MT DOOM from Lord of the Rings. We got up at 5am one morning to head up for the 20km hike but 110km winds […]


Day 81 – 97 Forgotten World!!!!

Forgotten Highway starts in Strafford heads to Tongariro National Park Via SH43. Not used much anymore but is a sweet road to drive. You actually Leaves NZ half way through and head into a town with it’s only republic. Loads of places to stop and camp – free. We stopped […]


Day 79 of 97 – Mount Taranaki and Surf Highway

Have made it up to Taranaki Area. Drove up the Surf Highway, but we will come back to that. Went up Mount Taranaki for the Summit walk. Wet was the word of the day, with cloud as the back-up. Couldn’t see anything hence no photos. We drove past the mountain […]


Day 74 – 97 – Playing with Rubber

We got back to the North Island then headed straight up to Taurangi for a White Water Dam release down the Tongariro River with a few old friends. Only Release this certain dam 3 times a year so its an awesome grade 4 run. We stopped off at the Army […]


Day 70 – 97 – Kaikoura

Kaikoura the home of Whale watching and Dolphin swimming. Unfortunately the day we were looking to go out the sea swell had come up so much no boats were going out. However Sarah got up at 5:30am to get some awesome photos of the Sun Rise! Yes I stayed in […]


Day 68 – 97 Hot Springs!!!!

  I do normally smile honest…… Hanmer Hot Springs, we went on a roasting day…… Still really good, loads of pools to choose from, lots of different temperature etc. BUT if you down there in winter I bet it is amazing to sit in a hot pool with the snow […]


Day 66 of 97 – Arthur’s Pass

  Arthur’s Pass is the road that connects the East and West coast in the middle of the South Island, over a blummin big set of mountains. If your a walker head up here. The DOC campsites around Arthur’s Pass Village are all FREE and awesome settings, photo is one […]


Day 64 of 97 – The shakey City

We Loved Christchurch, stayed for a few days. It shocked us how few tourists now go into the city, in the 3 days we were there we only saw 10 (max) other campers, compared with the hundreds we see normally when in a city.It’s a city back on the raise […]

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