Day 64 of 97 – The shakey City


We Loved Christchurch, stayed for a few days. It shocked us how few tourists now go into the city, in the 3 days we were there we only saw 10 (max) other campers, compared with the hundreds we see normally when in a city.It’s a city back on the raise after the big earthquake, its rebuilding, needs tourist help so make sure you go there!!!!January Christchurch hosts the world Busking Festival. This is the photo above, I got called up to hold a very tall uni-cycle (because I’m tall apparently). Hundreds of world class busker’s and you pay what you feel is right (so that could be nothing).Climbing – great single pitch sport climbing on the road to the top of the cable car, go for a drive, sure you’ll find it.Surfing – Check out South Brighton Beach – I loved it, just watch the undercurrents, I ended up 200 meters down beach after only a couple of waves in.

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