Days 38-42 of 97 – The Wet Coast (Sorry I mean West Coast)

Wet Day at Fox Glacier
Wet Day at Fox Glacier

So we worked our way down the West coast of the South Island over a few days. Parts of these days were VERY wet (as seen in the photo above) but you can still have good days in the rain…. The ‘Fox’ guides were bringing everyone off the glacier on this day because of Rock, Ice fall and the Rivers swelling up. But after a chat with a few of the guides they let us past to go explore the glacier ourselves…. (I have to say we are mountain guides for a living and do this sort of thing a lot so if your not DON’T go on the glacier by yourself: Disclaimer done :)) But we definitely recommend a visit and the guided tours looked really good.

There we also brakes in the rain, enough to get a few awesome moments of the trip in…. Skydive from 18,000ft with ‘Franz’ if you can’t manage that high they have lower jumps, Amazing campsites with views of the Southern Alps, Hokitika Town is the place to buy New Zealand Greenstone (Jade) and lets face it all the cool kids wear something round their neck 😛

Here’s a couple of the best photos below::::::::



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