Days 51-52 – Milford Sound………….WOW

2 Days in Milford Sound – Kayaks, Dolphins, Fur Seals, Kea’s and then there was the Landscape!!!!!

Milford Sound
Milford Sound

So the Drive to Milford Sound is amazing, we stopped for Lunch and got this amazing view. Oh and yes those are 3 Kea Birds that came to play with our van (or the tinsel)

Piwiwiwi Loved by Kea Bird's everywhere
Piwiwiwi Loved by Kea Bird’s everywhere

If this isn’t a breed of bird saying they love these rental van’s more than other van’s then I don’t know what is………

Kayaking at Milford Sound
Kayaking at Milford Sound

We took out a kayak and paddled the whole length of the Sound (15km), setting off at 6am before all the tour boats get onto the water. Got to the Tasman Sea then a water taxi home (4 hours). We were soooooooo lucky, we got to see Fur Seal’s swimming around with us (that isn’t that rare) but then we had a pod of bottle nose dolphins swim around with us for about half an hour. playing in the wave are the front of our boat! The Video’s are amazing, Top recommendation for anyone going to Milford Sound.

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