Days 86 – 90 of 97 – Rotorua and Pounamu Carving


Rotorua…. Again. We really like this place, chilled out, good walks, biking etc. Stayed at the same DOC as last time round for 3 nights (Pictured above).

This time round we where doing a bit of shopping for people at home. We went into another “Jade” shop (loads around NZ) got chatting to the guys in there and they offered us to go back the next day and carve our own!!! We Spent two days in the shop learning the skills to carve our own pounamu. Sarah made an awesome “Mere” Moari Weapon. I made several different Tiki Necklaces. We had an awesome 2 days with the guys that worked there and they are continuing to let people come and carve their own stuff, so go in and chat to them. Lewis (Owner), Tommy and Joel were all great teachers.

Check them out – Rakai Jade Pounamu- Rotorua – Lewis Tamihana Gardiner (He is renowned as one of the best Pounamu/Jade carvers worldwide) Google him, his work and the Shop. Thanks Guys!

Working on aTiki
Working on a Tiki


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