GoPro Hero 2 to rent at PiwiWiwi Surf Campervans

GoPro Hero 2 cameras are amazing!

The first of our GoPro Hero 2’s arrived this week so we set off test it immediately! Here’s our first attempt. Not bad for a novice cinematographer of limited surf ability on a mushy day!

You can now rent them when you rent a surf campervan or campercar from us, PiwiWiwi 🙂 We offer GoPro Hero 2 cameras with waterproof housings, adhesive mounts for surfboards, FCS plug mounts, handlebar mounts for bikes, suction mounts, helmet and SD cards. Phew! That’s a long list. If there’s anything more you want with your GoPro rental, let us know (our vans already have a kitchen sink).

If you want to know more about these cameras, check out GoPro’s own website here.

Just one of the improvements we have for the coming summer here in New Zealand. Seek. Find Surf. Video!

3 thoughts on “GoPro Hero 2 to rent at PiwiWiwi Surf Campervans”

  1. Hi, I will be traveling to NZ from Sydney in a few weeks. Would it be possible to rent one for two weeks to document our trip? If so, what kind of prices would we be looking at?

    1. Sorry folks, almost nobody asked about this and then it got flooded. We haven’t replaced it. They are great devices but not worth us renting out. We’ll stick to our campervans for now 🙂

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