PiwiKiwi, That’s Piwi Kiwi or even Piwi The Kiwi, not PiwiWiwi!

When they hear our name a few people, well actually a lot of people, say, ‘Oh, PiwiKiwi, what’s that mean?’. We then have to explain no no no, its Piwi Wiwi..
We’ve now faound an actual PiwiKiwi, or more accurately Piwi The Kiwi. A Kiwi clearly not happy with being merely a member of an endangered species. A Kiwi who has done its best to endanger itself too. It was found with two broken legs and part of its rehab is shown here:

I’m not sure how its doing now. Does anyone have any news?

Anyway, we’re the Pommy and the Welsh imitating Kiwis, PiwiWiwi. We’re not actual feathered, nocturnal, flightless birds like Piwi The Kiwi. I hope that’s cleared things up!

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